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What we aim for


Our games must give competitive players the chance to master the game and give casual players the feeling that they are enjoying themselves.


The goals of the games are so evident, that when someone plays the game for the first time, he/she will remember the rules of the game instantly.


These factors enhance the involvement and that's how you get into the flow !

Face-to-face interaction

Digital games miss out a crucial aspect where we stand for: face-to-face interaction. Our social games create a collective game experience which these games can't offer.


Next to our existing BOARD GAMES with novel points of view and unique GAME EXPERIENCES, we also design TAILOR MADE games for distinct teams, events and even locations.


Into the flow designs inventive board games and game experiences, where direct interaction are key. Our goal is to find the interface between recreation and effort.

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Heist Havoc

gallery/heist havoc new

A group of gangsters is going for the heist of the century. Of course they want to get as much loot as possible, but no nobody can be trusted. Is there an undercover agent amongst you and who will it be? Will the godfather claim your booty, so wouldn't it be better to kill him? And all this without the guards hearing anyhting!


Heist Havoc is a nasty searching game with secret roles which stays exciting until the end!


Amount of players:  3 to 5 

Difficulty level:  12+

Game length:  90 min


gallery/reincarnation alpha

Will you be the next Hindu to break through the eternal cycle of rebirth as far as to reach moksha or the final state of bliss? Submit yourself to the will of the Hindu gods, live in perfect harmony with yourself and gather enough karma to be reborn in a higher caste in your next life. Be more resourceful and quicker than the other would-be saints. 


Reincarnation is a whirling sacred race that is won by the one that does the right thing!


Amount of players:  2 to 5 

Difficulty level:  10+

Game length:  60 min

Board games

prototype - version 7.2

prototype - versie 5.8

Escape Now!

gallery/escape now new

Most cooperative games are determined by the most dominant player and the rest just followes. This is not case with Escape Now! In this swift card game with 60 action cards is every card worth one minute to get you and your team out a generic escape room. Trust your intuition and rely on the strengths of your team members to break the record!


Escape Now! is like a real escape room: be resourceful and trust your team members!


Amount of players:  2 to 6 

Difficulty level:  8+

Game length:  15 min 

Content: 109 cards, 76 tiles, 24 tokens, 5 overview sheets

Content: 1 game board, 34 cards, 61 meeples, 73 markers

Content: 70 playing cards, 6 pawns

gallery/2017-12-29 15_31_42-data leak - google zoeken

In Data Leak you take the role of a hacker trying to find out the passwords of your competitors before they do. Make a strong password with a given set of characters, encrypt viruses and spyware and connect to online network in these uncertain times where data leaks are an inevitability.


Data Leak is a fast paced and tactical word game where all means are justified!


Amount of players:  2 to 5

Difficulty level:  12+

Game length:  20 minutes 

beta version

Inhoud: 53 tiles, 5 screens, 1 notepad

Rise of the Kingdoms

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You're the incarnation of the great leader at the dawn of the dark middle ages who unifies the scattered European clans into a glorious nation. Throughout 7 centuries, append your royal influence and that of the pope to found powerful cities with castles and cathedrals, educate your people and wage for war in the name of the Lord!


Rise of the Kingdoms is a condensed and intense civilization builder for great schemers!


Amount of players:  3 to 4 

Difficulty level:  12+

Game length:  40 min/player

alpha version

Inhoud: 63 cards, 202 markers, 226 other components

Recreation - Effort:  60% - 40%

Interaction: 9 / 10

Key words: simultaneous actions, modular board, who's who

Recreation - Effort:  50% - 50%

Interaction: 8 / 10

Key words: efficiency, balance, uncertain fate

Recreation - Effort:  50% - 50%

Interaction: 9 / 10

Key words: cooperative, press your luck, replayable

Recreation - Effort:  45% - 55%

Interaction: 10 / 10

Key words: quick word game, tactics, deduction

Recreation - Effort:  35% - 65%

Interaction: 9 / 10

Key words: strategy, 8 kingdoms, inventions timeline

Data Leak

alpha version

Stir it up!

gallery/stir it up

Stir it up! brings out the best and the worst in the participants. In this dynamic hidden roles game for teams of 10 to 30 players at your location both mild helpers as cunning fiends can have their go in a theme of your choice: from super heroes over secret services to environmentalists and even historically inspired themes. Some examples of previous themes: Yarr Mateys!, The Golden Century, Hindu Day,… You name it, we make it!


In this asymetrical game there are custom made roles for every type of player: work together as a social animal, analyze the maneuvers of others as an observer, play it hard as an instigator or just follow your own selfish path to victory before the others can.

Game experiences


gallery/2017-12-28 21_11_00-japanese gate garden - google zoeken

Think of feudal Japan, of the conquest of a central fortress and of outdoor games as Kubb: behold Shiro (Japanese word for fortress)! Kubb is cool, Mölkky is tactical, but Shiro will be the next level. Ambush the fortress with your clan members and make sure your leader is the first to capture the fortress and beware of the samurai and the deadly ninja.


Play it as a singles game up to 6 players (in 2 teams) or as a tournament spanning several days with adapted rules. 


Shiro: a game for unpredictable tacticians with ballistic skills from 8 years on!

available soon

available since Oct 2018

Hottentot Play

gallery/hottentot play

At the Cassenbroek in Bonheiden you can find an authentic Renaissance farmstead: the
Hottentothoeve. For the owners we've elaborated a surprising game experience which is perfectly linked to the farm and its surroundings: .


In Hottentot Play 15 to 25 participants impersonate characters from the Renaissance like cartographs, inventors, noblemen and adventurers who have to cooperate in a resourceful manner to establish a reborn society!


Hottentot Play: more than a teambuilding activity around the swamps of Cassenbroek!

autumn 2019



There's a close collaboration with Breinbrouwerij where we design and elaborate teambuilding activities and mobile escape rooms on demand!

Under the catchphrase "constructive escapism" already 3 succesfull mobile escape rooms have been designed, which can easily be booked and which are heading your way:

- Escape truck: a challenging escape adventure on wheels up to 6 investigators (60 minutes). 

- Mini-escape: a exciting expedition for 2 to 4 travellers (20 minutes).

-The poison: a venomous safari through the African savannah up to 8 discoverers (60 minutes).

For more informations and bookings, go to

available since Jan 2017

Looking for inspiration?

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Are you looking for that sudden flash of insight or are you tired of dull team building events?


In other words, are you making plans to conceive a game (experience) or to organize one and you could use some support, then Into the Flow  offers you the optimal assistance: from advice and brainstorming to design and elaboration. And all this for a fair price!


Ask for the possiblities and prices by sending an e-mail to

Think further together!

We're continuously working on our own projects, but that doesn't mean it ends within are our creative cocoon.


You are a grafic designer, publisher or producer and you believe our games and projects and you want to shape them fruther on, then conact us immediately at


Share your ideas, passion en vision and in this way we'll expand our mutual perspective!.

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